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About The Mission 
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The overall mission is actually quite simple and that is TO LOVE OURSELVES. 

The fact that you are now reading this page tells me you are invested in the same mission.

Our connection to our body, mind, and spirit has been severed by our past experiences, traumas, imposed and limited beliefs, and unhealthy habits. As a result we struggle with our weight, our body image, our confidence, our careers, our relationships, and our self love. 

This is to no true fault of our own.  However, there comes a time in our lives where we must decide whether or not we want to continue down a path of suffering or choose to heal and return to love. 

One fundamental truth is that we ARE love.


Somewhere along the way, we were told or the world forced us to close our hearts off and focus our attention on everything and everyone else. When we close our hearts, we shut ourselves off from experiencing love. Yet, love is such an essential part of life that we begin to search for love in all the wrong places. We get hurt which further closes you off. We give our all to our family because we love them but we neglect to give ourselves any of the little love you think you have left to offer. Your body continues to store this stagnant energy and that is when our health begins to decline. We gain weight, we have unhealthy habits, cultivate unhealthy relationships, get burnt out, and are unable to accomplish our goals. 

Choosing to return to self love is the key to everything: good health, strong body, healthy mind, meaningful relationships, financial success, and accomplishing your dreams. 

Self love is the motivator for clean eating and movement such as exercise.

Self love is the remedy for recovery of a broken heart. 

Self love is the revolution of your relationships. 

Self love is the marker of your self-worth and value. 

Self love is the determinator of your success. 

CLICK HERE to set up a call with me to discuss how returning to self love could help you on your journey. 

About Dariana 

Hello! My name is Dariana and I am so humbled by your visit. 

I am a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Massage Therapist and Educator, Reiki Master Teacher, Weight Watchers coach, and owner of Cosmic Creations. 

My journey began the moment I was born with a heart defect. Immediately the doctors knew I would need surgery in just a matter of time.  

The doctors asked my mother to make sure I was healthy enough for the surgery. Well, while she made all my meals at home with love and great food, she also over-fed me and her idea of healthy meant heavy weight. I was 11 months old when I was rushed to the hospital for surgery after experiencing a drop in heart rate and low oxygen. My mom said it took what felt like an eternity and I came out of the surgery room attached to machines, feet purple. 

I recovered and celebrated my 1st birthday at home! 

My life started with health trauma, proceeded by more family trauma, proceeded by addictions, self destruction, yo-yo weight, and self hatred. There came a point in my life where I completely alienated myself from my friends and family. I looked at myself in the mirror one morning and I was completely unrecognizable. I share more about this story in my blog because it was a powerful experience and pivotal in my self love journey. 

I allowed all my traumas to define my self worth. When we allow all the painful things that happen to us define us, we undervalue ourselves and even believe we are worthless. Therefore, we treat ourselves as such. So that morning in the mirror, I saw the image of someone without hope and without love, and the only way I can describe it, is this moment of pure clarity. Suddenly, through the image of the person in the mirror, came the image of my true self. And, she talked to me. She told me it was ENOUGH. It was time to wake up and take back control of my life. 

Maybe your experience hasn't been in the mirror, but I am sure that at one point or another you have heard the plea of your higher self. In the moments we know we are neglecting ourselves or hurting ourselves, our higher selves talk back and tells us to stop, to wake up, to remember. Many people choose to ignore this inner voice. I knew better. Maybe you do too, which is why you are here.

My life completely changed after that day. 

I dedicated myself to self improvement. I sobered up, found connection to myself and to Spirit. I joined classes, participated in workshops, took plant medicines, meditated, dove into yoga, exercise, and wellness programs. I spent countless hours studying and learning. I spent thousands of dollars. 

YET, I still struggled. Here is the thing. Sometimes, we get stuck in a self help loop. We want to keep learning, keep reading, keep participating, keep healing, but we again are finding comfort in these things. The missing components were EMBODIMENT and SELF LOVE. 

That was the biggest hurdle: how to take everything I learned and not only put it into practice but completely embody these ideals. 

In this process, I discovered it all begins with self love. So this page was born, Nourish was born, and my healing services expanded.


There is so much to learn about me. You can follow my blog to get to know more about the lessons I've learned from my experiences. 


OR you can get to know me over a call and decide if we are aligned to work with one another :) 

Schedule a call with me HERE.

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