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The start of your journey to independence...

Hello! Thank you so much for visiting my website and diving into my vision of Cosmic Creations. This has been a journey of self-discovery since day one and I am so happy to share this journey with everyone. With this blog, I hope to inspire and motivate others to take life into their own hands! Do what you love, make a living, and always remember the key to happiness is within.

This company is the manifestation of a spiritual shift inside of me. I have had much success in a corporate setting but I felt that my purpose had deeper meaning than being able to organize spreadsheets and manage meetings. I had financial stability and complete healthcare coverage. I was making my way up the ranks and there were a lot of people who thought I would be someone in the industry I was in. However, my heart was not in it. I didn't feel fulfilled. And... to be completely honest... I looked around me at others who have dedicated their lives to that career and I did not want to end up like them. They had no passion or motivation. They were aged and tired, not because they were old but because they were worn out.

I moved on to learn about massage therapy. It was the stepping stone I needed to break free of the corporate chain and find a community that matched my shifted interests. I learned about Reiki and our energy bodies. I learned about health and nutrition. I dove deep into the fundamentals of what our minds and bodies need to truly heal and rid ourselves of suffering.

It was late summer of 2019 that I decided to quit my full time job at a physical therapy clinic and empower myself to build my own business. I have always had a love for creation and after much self-discovery and building my self-esteem I realized I can be successful. I can build a lifestyle that is holistic, mentally stimulating, and financially stable. What it took for me to get to this point was not simple. It required the help of meditation, mindfulness practices, and surrounding myself with a community of people who supported and inspired me. I also required a lot of courage and trust.

I think if I had to give advice to anyone who feels stuck in their 9-5 job and don't believe they can be successful on their own it would be....

Don't be so hard on yourself! Believe in yourself or else no one else will!

The hardest thing to do is to leave a financially stable job for the uncertainty of a new endeavor. Although you know you are talented and can provide quality services, there is a part of you that is afraid of failure. It is a very real fear. You have kids, a home, car payments, food, healthcare, and so much more to think about. As soon as you focus on the fear, you will come up with all sorts of reasons not to invest in yourself. You justify being over-worked because you are getting a steady paycheck every two weeks and it pays the bills. But I have to ask you to take a second to stop and ask yourself...

How much life is passing you by as you continue to ignore the fact that you are unhappy? What toll does that take on your mind and body?

Step 1 is really tuning into yourself. Asking your self these hard questions and diving deep into your fears so that you can overcome them. Observe what comes up when you question your current lifestyle. Are you justifying? Are you defending? Are you ignoring your emotions? Are you suppressing them?

Meditation does not need to be a time where you completely clear your thoughts. To begin, I recommend that you take the 10-20 minutes of meditation to be an observer of your thoughts. Try to look at your thoughts from outside of yourself. It will surprise you what thoughts stir up that you never even noticed were in your mind. Don't try to change the thoughts or brush them away. Just let them come and go.

The start to reprogramming your mind is to start observing it's behavior.

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